Girl Talk Series

Inspired by Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, the Girl Talk Series is a showcase of two girls talking in the comfort of their own intimate space about topics that are most dear to them. Most of the work I do focuses on the representation of Asian American girls because I truly feel like we don't get our stories told without the filter of some outsider's perspective.  I felt thirsty and famished to see our stories told and instead of waiting for someone else to tell them, I decided to do it myself.

The Girl Talk Series is a passion project wholly done by yours truly from producing, directing, shooting,  and even editing. These are words and stories from real girls as they discuss topics like career choices, body image, motherhood, and even loss. I was very conscious about capturing female interaction and conversations in a casual and frank light that is a honest portrayal of how girls talk in their everyday lives. Stripped down and raw, it's a sneak peek into the sacred world of girlhood especially in the intimate space of their homes. 

These stories aren't specifically related to being an Asian female but our culture and environment very much has shaped our opinions and lives. I felt it was vital to embrace our identity down to the core which propelled me to encompass every aspect of this filmmaking process with Asian-American females from behind the camera (me, duh) to the front and even down to the musical choices of each video. I hope these words resonant with you as much as they did with me. I am so proud of these girls who let me into their homes and lives. They are truly speaking for so many voiceless girls out there that just want their experience to be heard.