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Narrative//Digital shorts




Lexical Gap

Lexical Gap
Short FIlm, 2018
Director: Yoko Okumura
Producer: Laura Noxon
Associate Producer: So Yun Um

LEXICAL GAP is a wild lady-punk musical short film that dives into Lex’s origin and tells the story of a mistake she once made as a teenager based on her once warped view of virginity. A now confident artist on a mission looks back at the painful confusion of female adolescence in order to deliver a rallying battle cry of hope and wholeness to woman-kind. Purity is a myth! 


small talk

Small Talk
Short film, 2017
Director: Becca Gleason
Producer: Becca Gleason Alexander Greer, Laura Schwartz
ASsociate Producer: So Yun Um, Kathryn Gallagher

Two exes meet by chance for the first time in years. Between idle chatter and catching up, unspoken thoughts and feelings resurface.

Digital Shorts

Jajangmyeon Mukbang Starring Puno Dostres
Digital short, 2017
Director: So Yun Um
Starring Puno
Animated & Edited by Editor & Animations by: Hanna La Salvia