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Movies of 2008

2008 will be a glorious year for movies. There are movies for EVERYONE this year, and i literally mean EVERYONE, no matter who you are, (ie: stoners, harrison ford fans, trekkies, wannabe wizards, BIG lovers).  With the Writers Guild of America on strike, movie companies tried to cram in as many movies into 2008 before they lost all their writers. So with so many movies to pick from, i wonder which film will be anticipated the most?


New York wasn't the same without them and i know millions of girls weren't either. The girls are back and they are looking better than ever. I want to cry every time i see a movie still of them just walking down the street strutting their stuff in their jimmy choo's, chanel, and even those gigantic flower pins that are loyally glued to carrie's outfits day in and day out. But what the plot is, is unclear at the moment. Even in the trailer, there's no sign of what is to come. But i am certain that carrie and big will have a falling out, charlotte will have baby news, samantha will be looking better than ever at the age of 55, and miranda's unrelenting cynicism will return. With that said, i hope to be dressed avant-garde and cannot wait to see how many boyfriends will get dragged into this movie by their girlfriends. i can just imagine the theatre right now, ratio, women to men, 100-6. i know nick will be one of them... 


I know nick and stoners all around the globe are just waiting for this movie to be released. most stoners cant even remember half the things they say or do the minute after it is done but i assure you, they will remember the date this movie comes out. i dont know how they did it but the guys who brought you superbad and the 40 year old virgin have done it again. and i have no doubt in my mind that this movie will be epic. i dont want to say more... just watch the trailer... or go here

-IRON MAN (May 2)

God, its so weird to think that Robert D

owney Jr. is going to be Iron man. you would think that iron man would be played by someone with Christian Bale's physique (ie: at least 6'0, cut, shaven, i dont know just better) i guess its hard to say if he'll pull it off. i put this as one of the movies of 2008 because it will probably have amazing CG, better action sequences, and even a more random cast than

Southland Tales

(Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, and imdb even says Ghostface Killah) 

actually, i take that back cause nothing can beat southland tales' cast. 


Are you seriously going to ask me why i want to see this movie? Are you even looking at the same picture as i am? This picture screams or shall i say chuckles out the epitome of joker's pinnacle of insanity. come on. i dont even want to explain why this movie will be amazing. i have 6 more months to rant and praise this movie and i will do it unwaveringly everyday till you get so sick of me talking about it that it will make you not want to watch it. But till my next thoughts of the dark knight, i shall show you this. its an adaptation of what the dark knight would be like if it involved the offices' cast. enjoy...or go here...

k. im getting incredibly lazy...

-HANCOCK (July 2) : going to be a big fourth of july hit. its about a regular man whose a super hero. and the main character is played by will smith. didnt they already do a story like this one. and wasnt it called i am legend. i just hope he doesnt die at the end... 

-EAGLE EYE (Aug 8) : some competition against pineapple express and honestly i think people will choose pineapple express over this, despite its A-list cast. its action movie directed by spielberg, where my favorite, shia labeouf is mistaken for a terrorist and leads to a cat and mouse game. thats what i think...

-WALL-E (June 27)

Sally would love this movie and so would i. considering how its a robot who cleans up after our shit. not literal shit but mankind's waste. i fucking love pixar. i smell another oscar in their way...or go here...

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