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Film Vlog: Agnes Varda in Californialand!

I recently went to Agnes Varda's exhibit called Californialand at LACMA. She was once called the "grandmother of the French New Wave" as she's been making narrative and documentary films for six decades! The installation is inspired by her time in Los Angeles in the late 1960s as well as a selection of her photographs. As a film critic and filmmaker, it's always inspiring to see the prolific work done by great auteurs. I am at LACMA almost every other week to either volunteer at film screenings or to just enjoy some jazz on summery friday nights. The most spectacular concoction I saw at the exhibit was Varda's house of film that she called "My Shack of Cinema." Sadly, I had footage of being inside and just the environment but I honestly don't know what happened to that so I'm hoping these photos suffice! I seriously need to watch more of her films because

Cleo 5 to 7 (1962) and Vagabond (1985) isn't enough! Watch her films if you haven't already!