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Film Review: Tangerine

Year: 2015
Director: Sean Baker
Writer: Sean Baker & Chris Bergoch
Cinematographer: Sean Baker & Radium Cheung
Cast: Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, Karren Karagulian, Mickey O'Hagan, James Ransone
Country of Origin: USA
Rating: R
Time: 88 mins.

I had the privilege of watching Sean Baker's Tangerine back in January at the Sundance Film Festival and named it one of the best films I saw there! Starring first-time transgender actresses and shooting on-location on the corners of Hollywood, specifically, Santa Monica Blvd--Tangerineis an explosive piece of cinema that pulsates with authenticity through their vibrant characters and riotous energy that has never been seen on screen quite like this before! The story follows two transgender sex workers, Sin-dee (Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor) on Christmas Eve. When Sin-dee finds out that her pimp has been cheating on her with another "fish" aka a real woman, "like with a vagina and everything," she rampages through town to seek revenge! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Damn straight!

Tangerine caused a surplus of deafening buzz at Sundance after the screening because Baker revealed that the entire film was shot on the iPhone 5s. As incredible as that is, don't call this an iPhone film because it is so much more than that! Utilizing their ultra low-budget, Baker and his incredible team of long-time collaborators were able to make one of the most refreshing films of the year despite the budget due to their sheer brilliance and dedication to true filmmaking! You will not have a more fun time this summer than watching Tangerine on the big screen! I can't wait for the soundtrack and poster to be released so I can get my grubby hands on them!!! Tangerine comes out this week!