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SXSW '16: Eat My Shit

There are some things in life that you just can't unsee. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS! Samantha simply wants to be like every other girl and post up a selfie on Instagram but she can't because she was born with a butthole for a mouth. Yes, A BUTTHOLE FOR A MOUTH. Eduardo Casanova's grotesque yet endearing Spanish short film, Eat My Shit, takes a look at a girl who was  born different and it sends a direct and unforgettable message. It's one of the most outlandish, brilliant, and downright barf-inducing shorts I've ever witnessed (and survived) but you will be fantastically transfixed by it all! (Tbh, I'm scarred, horrified, & everything in between. Abort! Abort!) 

Eat My Shit is screening at SXSW in the Midnight Shorts Competition. I don't think anyone will ever be ready to see something like this so now is a good a time as any!