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Julia Ducournau's 'Raw' Trailers & Poster

The trailer for one of the best films has arrived and it's Julia Ducournau's cannibalism film, Raw. This French-Belgian horror film stars Garance Marillier as a vegetarian college student who, following a hazing ritual, becomes a cannibalism. Crome Yellow and I did a full review for it after we saw it last year a Beyond Fest and we were completely floored by this tantalizing coming-of-age story (See Review).  Now, we get not only one but two spanking new trailers for Raw! Be prepared, you're not ready for this!

The two trailer gives off very different vibes but nonetheless, it's an intense story that touches on everything I love: sisterhood, female sexuality, and of course, cannibalism! And despite how jarring the trailer is,


is one bloody brilliant film with incredible performances and unforgettable scenes that truly re-invent the cannibalism genre. You cannot miss this when it comes out, March 10th!