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TV Review: Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 10


Here we go with Season 3, Episode 10, "eps3.9_shutdown-r", we left off last episode (See Recap) with Elliot trying to reverse the Five/Nine hack. In this season finale episode, Elliot and the gang are in jeopardy when they get kidnapped and taken to the Dark Army safehouse. If this episode taught us anything, it's that Whiterose has bigger plans for everyone, including the Dark Army. While most of the episodes in this season where dark, the finale reached a deeper level of bleakness when we see the turn of events for some key players like Santiago, Dom, and Grant. 

This season was very much a different season compared to the previous two which focused more on subverting the narrative, while this season followed a more straight-forward storyline. Nevertheless, season 3 had a lot to offer and we can only hope that Season 4 will bring everyone together especially now that the Five/Nine hack is reversed. Who knows if season 4 will be the last season but my guess is that it's time for everyone to join forces if they want to beat Whiterose and her army.

I can't believe I was able to do a full recap of every episode in Season 3. Thank you all for tuning in and joining me in the conversation! See you all next year! 

So Yun Um