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Liquor Store Babies Trailer & Poster

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.45.57 PM.jpg

The trailer and poster to my Armed with a Camera short film, Liquor Store Babies, has arrived! I spent the last 3 months working on this documentary and I can't believe it's finally going to have its world premiere this Wednesday, May 9th, at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival! Liquor Store Babies explores the intersecting lives of two friends and their fathers, each of whom own Liquor stores as they take a real look at how their lives and dreams of are cyclical and ever connected to one another. 

As you can see, the documentary centers around me and my friend's relationship with our dads. As much as I wanted to do a simple documentary about my dad and the liquor store, I felt compelled to dive in deeper into my biggest insecurities and worries, which is trying make my dreams come true while being a child of an immigrant. It's a subject many of us can relate to and deal with daily. With Danny's story jaxapositioning mine, I wanted to show that dreams can evolve and change, especially when confronted by life's biggest challenges and hurtles. This is a subject I hope to continue to explore. Join me this Wednesday for its World Premiere at LAAPFF. 

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