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Liquor Store Babies

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LIquor store babies

Short Film

Liquor Store Babies explores the intersecting lives of two friends and their fathers, each of whom own Liquor stores as they take a real look at how their lives and dreams are cyclical and ever connected to one another.

Film Festivals:
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Worlds Within our World: Documentary Shorts 2018
Korean American Film Festival New York (2018)
San Diego Asian American Film Festival (2018)
Seattle Asian American Film Festival (2019)
DisOrient Asian American Film Festival (2019)
The Portland Oregon Women’s Film Fest (2019)


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I’m turning my short film, Liquor Store Babies into a feature called Liquor Store Dreams for all the immigrant dreamers out there. Many of us struggle with being second generation kids of immigrants and I want to examine what the American dream looks like for us as fully assimilated citizens who are emotionally, financially, spiritually tied to our parents.

I never got to learn about my Korean American history especially growing up in our stereotype of a store owner in Southern California. The feature film will examine how media representation contributed to the course of our history and how it paved and stunted our community. And of course, it will showcase the poignant and varied stories of Liquor Store sons and daughters. I hope you will join me on this journey!

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